Sesame Street is an educational television program designed for preschoolers, and is recognized as a pioneer of the contemporary standard which combines education and entertainment in children's television shows. Sesame Street also provided the first daily, national television showcase for Jim Henson's Muppets. In 2009, the series celebrated its 40th anniversary, making it one of the longest-running shows in television history. The series has now produced 4,300 episodes. Sesame Street Mugs (Sesame Street General Store)

Sesame Street is produced in the United States by Sesame Workshop, formerly known as the Children's Television Workshop (CTW). It premiered on November 10, 1969 on the National Educational Television network, and later that year it was moved to NET's successor, the Public Broadcasting Service.

Because of its widespread influence, Sesame Street has earned the distinction of being one of the world's foremost and most highly regarded educators of young people. Few television series can match its level of recognition and success on the international stage. The original series has been televised in 120 countries, and more than 20 international versions have been produced. In its long history, Sesame Street has received more Emmy Awards than any other program, and has captured the allegiance, esteem, and affections of millions of viewers worldwide.


Sesame Street uses a combination of puppets, animation, and live actors to teach young children the fundamentals of reading (letter and word recognition) and arithmetic (numbers, addition and subtraction), as well as geometric forms, cognitive processes, and classification. Since the show's inception, other instructional goals have focused on basic life skills, such as how to cross the road safely and the importance of proper hygiene and healthy eating habits.

There is also a subtle sense of humor on the show that has appealed to older viewers since it first premiered, and was devised as a means to encourage parents and older siblings to watch the series with younger children, and thus become more involved in the learning process rather than letting Sesame Street act as a babysitter. A number of parodies of popular culture appear, especially ones aimed at the Broadcasting Service, the network that broadcasts the show. For example, the recurring segment Monsterpiece Theater once ran a sketch called "Me Claudius". Children viewing the show might enjoy watching Cookie Monster and the Muppets, while adults watching the same sequence may enjoy the spoof of the Masterpiece Theater production of I, Claudius on PBS.Sesame Street uses a combination of puppets, animation, and live actors to teach young children the fundamental.

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Caroll Spinney, 1969-
Frank Oz, 1969-
Jim Henson, 1969-1990
Fran Brill, 1970-
Jerry Nelson 1970-2012
Richard Hunt 1972-1992
Peter Friedman, 1976-1978
Caroly Wilcox 1969-1978
Cheryl Blaylock, 1978- 
Olga Felgemacher, 1978-1979
Brian Muehl, 1978- 
Kathryn Mullen, 1978-1994 
Michael Earl Davis, 1978-1980 
Bob Payne 1978-1979
Karen Prell, 1979-1981
Bryant Young 1980-
Martin P. Robinson, 1980-
Noel MacNeal 1980- 
Pam Arciero, 1984-
Kevin Clash,  1984-2012
Fred "Garbo" Garver, 1984-1992
Gabriel Velez, 1984-2008
David Rudman 1985-
Judy Sladky 1987-2001
Rick Lyon, 1988-2002
Jim Kroupa, 1988-2004
Jim Martin 1989-
Carmen Osbahr 1989-
Camille Bonora 1987-1997
Louise Gold, 1990-1997
Julianne Buescher 1991-1998
Dave Goelz, 1992-1993
Bruce Connelly, 1993-
Stephanie D'Abruzzo 1993-
Peter Linz 1993-
Steve Whitmire, 1993-
Tyler Bunch 1993-
Lisa Buckley 1994-
Alice Dinnean-Vernon, 1994-
John Tartaglia 1994-
Eric Jacobson, 1994-
John Kennedy, 1995-
Matt Vogel 1996-
Lara MacLean, 2000-
Paul McGinnis, 2001-
Jennifer Barnhart, 2001-
Ryan Dillon 2005-
Leslie Carrara-Rudolph 2006-
Heather Asch 2006-
Melissa Creighton 2007-2010
Amanda Maddock 2007-2009
Tim Lagasse, 2008-
Tracy Mick, 2008-
Annie Peterle, 2008-
David Stephens, 2008-
Billy Barkhurst, 2010-
Rickey Boyd, 2010-   


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