Miss Kitty is a purple monster who first appeared as aFrackle with a match in The Great Santa Claus Switch, performed by Richard Hunt. When he appeared on The Muppet Show, his nose was changed from green to blue, and his eyes were enlarged.

The character was named on his first appearance on The Muppet Show, in the "Cowboy Time" sk

Miss Kitty

etch on episode 101. As Rowlf walked through the saloon, he greeted the monster as "Miss Kitty," a reference to saloon girl Kitty Russell from the radio and television Western series Gunsmoke. Despite the name, however, the

monster is male, as evidenced by the fact that Miss Kitty only dances with 

female companions (including a female Blue Frackle) in the At the Dance sketches. He also wears a wig when playing a female role in "All of Me" on episode 108.

Like many Muppet Monsters, Miss Kitty had no consistent performer. His known performers include:

The Miss Kitty puppet was also used as the foundation for Thudge McGerk in episode 119.