Bob Johnson is a music teacher who lives on Sesame Street.[1] He has been on Sesame Street since the premiere episode. His many songs on the show include "The People in Your Neighborhood", "Believe in Yourself", and "I've Got Two". An affable and low-keyed fellow, Bob was introduced as Gordon and Susan's neighbor, and had a close, semi-romantic friendship with Linda for many years (having previously resisted the advances of Molly the Mail Lady).

While Gordon and Susan (and to some extent, Maria andLuis) function largely as surrogate parents to the Muppet characters, Bob is more of a surrogate teacher, seldom assuming a disciplinary role. He lives in an apartment above Hooper's Store. Known relatives include Uncle Wallyand his deaf niece named Samara. His birthday is August 15. Occasionally, Oscar the Grouch makes a point of addressing him as "bright eyes". Although Bob is still a regular on the show, his appearances have been limited for the past several seasons. This is largely due to the fact that only 26 episodes are produced per season.

Although he shares a name with the actor who portrays him, Bob was originally going to be named Bobby.[2] Bob McGrath requested shortening it to Bob.[3]

Bob's last name is often listed as Johnson (as seen in Sesame Street: A Celebration - 40 Years of Life on the Street and various CTW archive materials). Sesame Street Unpaved (a book known for a multitude of errors), lists the character Bob's last name as being the same as that of his performer: McGrath