Anything Muppets (or "AMs", as they're referred to in the studio) are "empty" Muppet heads. Facial features, bodies and clothes can be added to make any kind of character. A similar group of puppets known as Whatnots appeared onThe Muppet Show. Some Anything Muppets also appeared in Muppet movies and specials.

The Anything Muppets were introduced in the first episode of Sesame Street in a sketch involving Gordon. An Anything Muppet appeare
d without any facial features, and Gordon introduced her as an Anything Person and proceeded to give her and four other Anything Muppets who appeared in sequence eyes, noses, and hair to form a family.

During the first seasons of Sesame Street, they were known as "The Anything People" who could be anything they wanted. Usually the live actors, like Bob, would turn them into different characters. This concept was abandoned after a few seasons, although every once in a while an Anything Muppet character would take off his nose or lose his mustache.

Although these puppets were usually used to create human characters, animals were also sometimes concocted from Anything Muppets, until the late 1980s, including the Tortoise and [the Hare, the Three Little Pigs and Captain Vegetable. This practice could be seen in The Miss Muffet PlayAliens, such as The Gonk and The Geefle, and monsters such as Bennett SnerfArlene FranticFenwick,Rosemary and Pamela could also be made from Anything Muppets.

Main Sesame Street characters that are made from Anything Muppets include Count von CountPrairie Dawn,Mr. JohnsonRoosevelt FranklinGuy SmileyLefty the Salesman, the Twiddlebugs, and Sherlock Hemlock.